We are a Video Production company in Johannesburg and we deliver pristine, technically based video productions. We specialise in presenting the technical aspects of products or solutions. Our clients get digital delivery and strategy of the complete production. From concept to execution on your project, we have with an eye on detail, budget, management, and deadlines. From script-to-screen, we make your vision a reality and deliver video content that delivers big results.

Our experts will assist in promoting the video productions on various platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google + and many more.

Corporate Video Production

We will produce your corporate video for you and our facilities for video production have everything you need from pre-production to final edits. We offer high quality, attention-getting results that are designed according to a predetermined call to action to achieve the specific goals of each client.

Drone Footage

IACS Media uses drone footage of client’s premises or aerial footage of projects. Aerial footage really enhances any video production especially when using a time lapse effect of a projects progress over a period of time.

Professional Voice Over

Complete your video production with a professional voice over. Create a standard throughout all your multimedia, radio and TV productions and get leverage off well known faces and voices. We don’t charge annual fees and voice over productions are a once off fee per project.

Promotional Video Production

Your branding and your message are key to successfully turning online leads into conversions. Our job is to work with you to make you look great, and to promote your products and services individually through the power of promotional video production.

Technical Video Production

With our proven technical ability to understand technical products and services IACS Multimedia will take the time to understand the advantages and key differentiators of each of our client’s products or service that are identified for each production.

Technical Training & Induction Videos

Our training video production process is different, we will take the time to understand your message and come up with a range of creative solutions combining our different production styles & animations.

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