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Video Production and Digital Marketing Company

Video Production and Digital Marketing Company

 We are a reputable video production company specialising in video’s for your brand, product or service. 

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Our expertise also delves into the realms of digital marketing, our services include but not limited to search engine optimisation, pay-per-click advertising, e-newsletter marketing, analytics, social media marketing and more. 

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This is proof that we create video’s for businesses like your own.  Whether it’s technical or complex, we will find a solution and deliver an amazing video for you. 

The IACS-Media Methodology

Understanding Your Business

Affordable Tailored Solutions


Customer Service

Results Driven

Wouldn’t it be a relief if you had a marketing partner who understands and care’s about your business?  Someone who is with you all the way.  At IACS-MEDIA we believe in understanding your business from every angle.  We want to know what your vision is, and where you see your business.  We want to learn about the  product/service that you offer.  We want to know more about your industry and the way your business functions.  Why?  Well, how else are we going to deliver amazing results!

How do we deliver a service that meets your expectations?  It’s simple, we communicate.  Sounds pretty cliche and boring, right? Not at all!  When client’s sign-up with IACS-MEDIA, we ensure we communicate regularly and effectively.  That said our effective communication strategy with clients is what actually delivers great customer service.  This means you are not left in the dark and we are with you every step of the way.

Let’s get something straight…..video production and digital marketing are in high demand.  You know the saying “when it’s in demand, prices go up”!.  We don’t believe in this.  We believe in providing services at an affordable level all the time, tailored to your budget.  The best part – we never compromise on quality!

Today anyone, and we mean “anyone” is a social media expert or SEO specialist and similar.  We won’t lie, but this applies to us as well.  However, what set’s us apart from the rest of these so called “experts” is that we deliver quality results.  We’ve being in this “game” for years and mastered the art of driving quality impressions, clicks, leads, sales and more.  

We have a philosophy at IACS-MEDIA “Quality over Quantity”.  This means that we focus all our energy and resources to drive results that matter to your business. 

Our Principles

We Go The Extra Mile

We are persistent and resilient.  We are driven to deliver results that matter to you.  This can only be achieved if we go over-and-above standard practices which service providers won’t dare doing.   If we don’t do the impossible, then who will?

Accurate and Honest Reporting

All service’s are accurately and honestly reported. We will show you how your campaigns performed from start-to-finish.  All of this will be explained in an easy to understand format, minus the jargon. 

Optimise Your Advertising Spend

We know how hard you work to earn your money.  The worst part is investing your money in a service provider who doesn’t maximise your marketing spend.  That’s why at IACS-MEDIA we ensure that for every rand you spend we transform it into something of value such as leads, sales, phone calls to name a few and more. 

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